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Three components of a successful AI product: The P1K experience

The number of AI-driven startups is growing four times faster than the number of startups as a whole. With the commercial AI rise, making an AI product is easier than ever, while making it succeed becomes the real challenge. We at Phase One Karma identified three main things to keep in mind while planning your breakthrough:

R&D comes first!

Each project is unique in its technology, value, and business strategy, but one thing that separates phenomenal products from mediocre ones is the high quality of research and development work. Getting to know the real need for your product, exploring its potential technological capacities, and applying the cutting-edge approaches are all essential to your success. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a weak product that cannot speak for itself.

Creativity is your superpower — use it

The path from great technology to a powerful business model comes through creativity. When we started Unicheck — plagiarism prevention solution — we wanted to develop a serious product to prestigious educational facilities, and we viewed ourselves accordingly. It took us some time to realize that we should be building our business and communication in a more humane, creative way. As a result, we dressed our business strategist as a fortune teller at our Instructurecarn 2018 booth. It turned out to be a much better strategy than a dry-business approach.

Always think about your product’s wider impact

There are thousands of ways to apply machine learning and natural language processing technologies in real life. The problem is, most of them are obvious and unnecessary — they don’t resolve real problems. We believe that developing a commercial AI product just for the revenue is a doomed approach. Only products that carry real value stick around for a long time — and we always make sure our work has this value.

If you share our approach —  check out our careers page. We hope there’s a special place for you in our team!