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Tech & Human Match: P1K Has Spread Investment Over Otomistrz

Since 2014, Phase One Karma has launched products that merge technology and human ideas to do routine things automatically. We teach machine algorithms to assist us in solving our life matters instantly and without stress.

In this realm, P1K has made substantial financial contributions to Otomistrz, a client-contractor marketplace that works for Poland. Exchanging household services between professionals and individuals wouldn’t be perfect without embedded artificial intelligence that thoroughly analyzes which clients and contractors need to connect in seconds. The criteria include the necessary specialist’s qualification, previous orders, rates, and location.

AI reduces chances for professionals to get the same order simultaneously, thus preventing them from intense competition. Otomistrz performs the match automatically by tailoring a specialist and their service exactly to what a client is typing in a search field. As a result, contractors will get more qualified orders while homeowners can contact the right pros. “It’s a two-sided match to build the best system that forms the value for specialists and clients,” says Artem Fenkovskyi, co-founder of P1K.

At P1K, we believe in mutually beneficial “matches” that can bring enormous value to customers’ lives and help them achieve their goals faster. We are excited to support Otomistrz and set new benchmarks in service excellence and customer satisfaction!

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