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Tech & Human Match: P1K Has Spread Investment Over Unitra’s Otomistrz Project

Since 2014, Phase One Karma has been launching products that merge technology and human ideas to do routine things in a modern automatic way. We, humans, literally “teach” machine algorithms to assist us in solving our daily life matters instantly and without stress. Having innovative, intelligent products at hand helps people work more productively, gain mutual benefits, and enjoy life to the maximum.

Within today’s human-tech reality, P1K has made substantial financial contributions to the Unitra product company to help it develop its Otomistrz project, an international client-contractor marketplace that works for Poland. “We have already created a few successful projects, but later we realized that we may go beyond our products to support and improve startups,” Artem Fenkovskyi, co-founder of P1K, shared. “That’s how I learned about Unitra and met Ihor.”

Ihor Hryhorenko, an entrepreneur with considerable SEO expertise, founded Unitra in 2018, starting from basic websites to more significant and promising projects, along with his friends. The idea of Otomistrz came from an everyday life situation when Ihor was moving out. 

“While moving to another place which I had to renovate, I noticed that I spent too much time looking for a contractor for carriage of goods, furniture assembly, rubble removal, etc.,” Ihor recalls. “Then, I thought about creating a service that would make life easier and help organize housework quickly.” 

The concept of an international marketplace for clients and contractors who would quickly find each other and order or deliver services was perfect. But it completely lacked the foundation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that would add speed and analysis to connect clients to contractors and vice versa in a few clicks. In the end, the Unitra team paused the development of Otomistrz. But not forever.

“We created machine learning technology from scratch for one of our projects,” said Artem Fenkovskyi from P1K. “At that time, we had already formed a Research and Development (R&D) team which successfully managed our products. When I met Ihor at a tech conference and he told me about Otomistrz, we decided to give it a second life immediately.”

Within its investment in Unitra, P1K’s mission is to assist in creating a mutually helpful platform for people and handymen they are looking for. Experienced developers are integrating machine learning as a type of AI that enables Otomistrz to find the most suitable contractor for a client. The criteria are based on the needed specialist’s qualification, previous orders, rates, and location, meaning that Otomistrz provides the search results that would match customers’ needs in seconds. 

AI analysis’s high velocity and accuracy solve a burning issue of competition between specialists when they get the same order simultaneously. While rivals match consumers and blue-collar job professionals using basic standards, Otomistrz does it automatically by tailoring a specialist and their service exactly to what a client types in a search box at the moment. As a result, contractors will get more qualified orders while clients enjoy the work done. As COO of P1K Artem Fenkovskyi puts it, “it’s a two-side match to build the best system that forms the value for specialists.”

Now the next step is to get into more markets in Europe. “We continue to help Unitra grow. We have many more ideas that we will implement soon. We have already entered Poland’s market, but we will also reach Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. I’m absolutely sure that Otomistrz will be successful. Together to the point!” Artem concludes.

We at P1K believe in mutually beneficial “matches” that can bring enormous value to clients’ lives and help them achieve their goals faster. We are excited to support Unitra and actively participate in delivering essential services to clients!

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